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A show dedicated to discovering the Coaching secrets and strategies that set the best apart. Interviews with top coaches where they reveal out their essential skills.

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Episode 95 Interview with Charlie Badenhop
May 17th, 2022 by the essential coaching skills podcast at 8:57 pm
Charlie Badenhop is hard to describe in a brief summary. To call him eclectic is an understatement. You know he's a New York native as soon as he opens his mouth and he's lived in Japan for 30 years. He is the son of a captain in the New York City Fire Department and one of the few foreigners in Japan to be certified as an Aikido sensei as a fourth-degree black belt. He calls his work Seishindo and describes it as a mix of the best of Western problem-solving and positive thinking skills with Eastern contemplative awareness. He's also a certified NLP Trainer and used to teach Aikido for John Grinder at some of John's early NLP trainings. This is a fun conversation.
You can find out more about his work and contact Charlie at
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